Arcata Press launches new Saint Paul Almanac website

St. Paul tends to catch a lot of flack--even former Governor Jesse Ventura famously commented on the city: "Whoever designed the streets must have been drunk." Arcata Press decided it was time to ditch the stigma and highlight the many bright spots ol' Pig's Eye has to offer--and make them easy to find.

In order to share their love of St. Paul and make it easier for locals and tourists alike to find any number of activities, Arcata Press recently launched, a companion website to the popular annual print almanac. The site provides a hub of listings for venues in St. Paul, and also shares resources to connect people with similar tastes. Kimberly Nightingale, Executive Director of Arcata Press and Managing Editor of Saint Paul Almanac says, "We also see it as a valuable resource for people who want to plan a complete 'date night' in St. Paul, as they'll be able to research a show or event, choose a nearby restaurant for dinner before, and select another venue for a possible post-show nightcap or stroll."

Perhaps the most interesting area of the site is Saint Paul Stories, where you can find personal histories and experiences from St. Paul residents, including a member of a blind baseball team and an undercover cop who worked the prostitution beat in the '70s. There's also podcasts and archived videos of poets, authors, and illustrators.

In an effort to connect current residents with St. Paul's past, the site also includes quotes and facts about the city's history. You can even read stories from past and current editions of Saint Paul Almanac's print version.

The website offers the usual information too, including weather and, of course, links for driving directions.

Visit the brand new Almanac website.

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