Arc Value Village hosting Thrift Crawl through May 15

The truly dangerous fashion addicts are the kind who would spend their last fistful of cash on a pair of shoes instead of a bag of groceries. This is especially true for me when it comes to retro fashion (the good kind, not the butterfly collars and high-water polyester pants). To that end, it's time for a confession: You know you have a problem when your first instinct is to not tell your friends and readers about something great because you don't want them to 'steal your treasures.' But because The Dressing Room is, among other things, a place to share style secrets, let's share the wealth. Last night I made my weekly (yes, weekly) trek to Arc Value Village in Richfield and upon my adrenaline-fueled purchase of a mint-condition pair of Frye (or "Frye") motorcycle boots (right) for $25, I was given a flyer/punch card by Nathan, the friendly manager/cashier, informing me of their Thrift Crawl at all Arc stores through May 15. So it seemed a good time to tell you about my thrifty heaven if you didn't already know.

Located in Richfield (flagship store), New Hope, St. Paul and Brookyn Center, the Arc thrift stores/donation centers are easily the best in the metro, filled with both modern and vintage clothing, home goods, and accessories, and all are now promoting a deal whereby purchasing anything at all four stores gets you a stamp card and enters you into a drawing to win a $100 gift card. Four winners will be chosen on May 16.

(Would it be wrong to ask you to put my name on your card?  Wait, yes, yes it would. Sorry.)

Anyway, make a few visits and let me know what you think. The racks are meticulously organized and the clothing is top-notch -- they've even got a high-end section, from which I plucked an amazing 70's Givenchy top last week.  Email me pics of your best finds, I'd love to compile a post and share hot-spots.

Happy thrifting (she says, as she clomps off in her awesome new boots)...