Antique car run from New London to New Brighton this weekend

This Saturday will begin with a bang for New Londoners as a starting gunshot announces a 120-mile antique car run to New Brighton. The event features pre-1920s vehicles, and because they are unable to go faster than about 18 miles per hour (not because it's forbidden, but because the cars don't go any faster), the ride takes all day.

It's really more of an endurance test than a race. And since many of the cars don't have roofs or windshields, let's hope it doesn't rain. In last year's deluge, drivers donned rain gear over their era-appropriate garb and putt putted toward the finish line.

Not only are drivers encouraged to stop in towns along the route, sometimes they must in order to make repairs or crank engines. In fact, contestants are not allowed to cross the finish line before 3 p.m. Concurrent with New Brighton's Stock Yard Days, there is a county fair atmosphere with carnival rides, food, a cash raffle, and a spectacular petting zoo (last year's featured many animals including fainting goats, a Zebu, and a Z-Donk). Everybody's Garage Band will plays at 7 p.m.

Also, just down the road from the end point is a former train depot that is now home to the New Brighton History Museum, where visitors are welcome to climb aboard a caboose.

The antique car run is a relatively new tradition for Minnesota, dating back to 1987. The original antique car run, however, originated overseas as a race from London to Brighton and dates back to 1896.

The cars will (slowly) race to the finish line in New Brighton's Long Lake Regional Park on Saturday, August 14 around 3 p.m. Vehicles will be on display until around 5:30. Details for all events are posted on the Stockyard Days website.

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