Angela Talle creates a new Western mosaic mural for the Turf Club


Angela Talle, who learned a few weeks ago that the Peace House mural she created on Franklin Avenue between Portland and Fifth Avenues will in all likelihood be torn down, isn't skipping a beat before embarking on her next project: a western-themed mural outside of the Turf Club. The piece, which will be made of tiles, will feature cowboy musicians and horses, and is being funded by a grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board. 

Last weekend, Talle prepped the wall before projecting the image onto it in order for her to draw the piece. The image is a photograph that she set up of "cowboys" (her friends) playing music and building a fire, basically "cowboys at the end of their work day hanging out," she says. 
The other part of the wall will be the cowboys riding and working, and horses running. "That part of the design is still in my head," she says. "I work with one idea and I see where it takes me."  

Why cowboys? According to the Turf Club website, the space opened in the 1940s as a country bar. There also used to be a racetrack nearby. (These things might also explain the iconic horseshoe logo out front.)

"I've been doing Western cowboy scenes for the past couple years now," Talle says. "The Turf Club seemed like the perfect place to do one." 

Talle received $10,000 from the Minnesota State Arts Board to create the mural, as part of their Artist Initiative Grants. She'll spend about half of that on materials for the project. If her past pieces are any indication (she has also worked on the Chimney Mosaic on University Avenue), this project will be filled with light and color, and provide an extra glimmer of charm to the already cool music hotspot.