Andrew Schulz on Guy Code, Partying with Rihanna


Fans of basic cable comedy programming may recognize comedian Andrew Schulz from MTV2's Guy Code. It was the show's producers that first approached him, even before they had the idea for the program.

"I was doing standup in New York, and I guess they saw a video of me performing and things went from there," he explains. "The talent person from MTV saw me, we had a meeting, and I basically told her, 'I'm like the guy's perspective. I talk about what we go through, and explain to women what it's like to be a guy.' All of sudden, this show came up called Guy Code, and they were auditioning for it, so she recommended me."

[jump] After four seasons, it's not unusual for fans to ask his advice on relationships. "People come up to me all the time, especially kids who watch the show," he confirms. "They're fans of the show, and they want to know what's going on. They have questions like, 'My boy's little sister just turned 18. Can I sleep with her?' I'm not the end-all be-all with Guy Code," he laughs.  "It's funny that if I said yes they'd be like, 'Sorry bro, Schulz said I could do it, so I just had to do it.' You can sleep with her with her permission, maybe. You can't go up there and say, 'Hey, this guy on TV said I could. So give it up.'"

The show has not only helped him gain a wider audience for his standup, it's allowed him to do some cool things, like hang out with pop star Rihanna following the MTV Movie Awards.

"That was a pretty crazy experience," he says. "She took us to a club in the middle of the 'hood in L.A., and she was smoking weed and drinking and not giving a fuck. Basically doing everything you would expect Rihanna to do, so it was very cool to be in that environment. I also got to go skydiving with Guy Code. I've been pretty fortunate."

Schulz also wrote and hosted his own show, called Jobs That Don't Suck, but it was canceled after one season. "It was a cool experience," he notes. "That was the first show I actually wrote and hosted. The amount of work that goes into it is a lot. We probably should have put more work into it, so it would still be around. The amount of work it takes to get a show canceled after one season is tremendous. I can't imagine how much work it takes to get a show renewed."

Whereas many comedians do standup to get on TV, Schulz is using TV to get more butts in the seats at his standup shows. "This is how hard standup is," he says. "There's somebody out there whose goal is to be on TV. That's what they've wanted to do their whole life. To succeed in standup comedy, you have to achieve somebody else's goal just to achieve your goal. If I'm not on TV, I can't be going out to these clubs and performing. I can't be doing college gigs and building up a fan base, so it's like I need to do TV just to do standup. Sorry buddy, it is how it is."


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