'American Gods' posters, Gillian Anderson as David Bowie, and Ewan McGregor's 'Fargo' accent


There's more flashy news today in TV shows with ties to Minnesota.

Bryan Fuller has been tweeting up a storm, sharing some pretty fabulous and eye-catching character posters to tease his new Starz show, American Gods. The series is an adaptation of Wisconsin-dwelling author Neil Gaiman.

Behold the images below:


The individual posters:


The final two:


There's also this tweet, kinda sorta showing the many faces Gillian Anderson will try on in the series:


Note that Gaiman himself is intrigued.

This pic of Anderson as David Bowie has also been circulating around the internet:

American Gods premieres on April 30 on Starz.

Meanwhile, Fargo has a full trailer out with lots of delicious bits to chew. There's Ewan McGregor playing twins -- one who is looking rough while the other looks a little bit like Mike Brady. We also get a bit of his new Minnesota accent, which is thick, and quite different from his Scottish one. The trailer also features Scoot McNairy rocking a mullet, Mary Elizabeth Winstead with some comic relief, and David Thewlis chewing scenery in yet another sketchy role.

Season three of Fargo premieres April 19.