American Girl adds hipster dude to its diverse doll lineup

Meet Logan. Notice how he's a boy.

Meet Logan. Notice how he's a boy. American Girl

For decades, American Girl has gotten kids interested in U.S. history through dolls and books, all written from the perspective of young ladies living in that time period.

There's Kaya from the Nez Perce tribe; Addy, a brave African American who escapes slavery; Rebecca, a Jewish girl living in a bustling New York City of another era; and Melody, an African American living in Detroit during the 1970s Civil Rights movement. 

Now there's Logan, a kinda hip looking kid from Tennessee who plays the drums in a band. He's the first-ever male doll in American Girl history. Here's the character/product description from the official site:

Meet Logan, Tenney’s bandmate and drummer! The 18" Logan doll has gray eyes that open and close, and short brown hair. Logan’s unique hand positioning helps him hold instruments! He arrives in a plaid button-down shirt, a T-shirt, jeans, underwear, and shoes.

Please note:
Instruments sold separately.



The addition of a boy doll is a smart strategic move, as marketing campaigns and toy stores have been shifting away from gendering products, aiming to give the impression of inclusivity to anyone interested.

"Adding a boy to our lineup has been a number one request for a very, very, very long time," Julie Parks, director of public relations, explained to Huffington Post. "For a long time, we’ve been hearing, 'We want more.'"

Other new dolls coming soon include contemporary Korean American Z Yang, World War II-era Hawaiian Nanea, and the above-mentioned Tenney, a singer-songwriter in Nashville. Revolutionary War-era Felicity is also scheduled to make a comeback.