Altered Esthetics opens technology-influenced show 'Online (Dis)connect'

Gina Lineberger; Untitled

Gina Lineberger; Untitled

Remember back when people used giant, folding paper road maps to plot routes from one place to another? Or a time before people could be known by their website avatars and Twitter handles? While the online world most certainly brings people together, in some ways it has isolated us as well. It is the impact of these various pros and cons of technology that local gallery Altered Esthetics is exploring in their newest art show, "Online (Dis)connect."


Over 20 artists are participating in the exhibit, including featured artist Gina Lineberger, who is a new resident of Minnesota from central California. Her collages are heavily influenced by fashion, and often include lanky silhouettes or magazine cutouts among her own painted embellishments. For this upcoming show, one of her pieces features a blue monochrome painting of a woman's face. Lines dart out from the subject's eyes in order to magnify what she sees while staring off into space. The images are not those of a lush daydream, but of barcodes.

Other artists in the show include the collaborative team of Kara Hendershot and Summer Scharringhausen, otherwise known as the Happy Accidents; as well as Christopher Cannon, Aunia Kahn, Kate Johnson, Tim Sievert, Mat Ollig, and many others.

"Online (Dis)connect" will be on display beginning February 3, and runs through February 24 at Altered Esthetics, located in the Q.arma Building, 1224 Quincy Street in Northeast Minneapolis. There will be an opening reception this Friday, February 4 from 7 to 10 p.m. and an artist's discussion on Saturday, February 19 from 1 to 3 p.m.