After moving to NYC, standup Chloe Radcliffe celebrates homecoming this weekend at Comedy Corner Underground

Chloe Radcliffe

Chloe Radcliffe Photo by Jordan Ashleigh

When Chloe Radcliffe got onstage for the first time back in 2015, she figured that her standup comedy “career” would probably be very, very short.

“I thought I would try one open mic and never do it again, but I loved it immediately,” she says. 

Four years later, Radcliffe will headline three shows at Comedy Corner Underground, armed with a full hour of material, a boatload of accolades, and the most recognizable birthmark in comedy (that’s not a joke – Google “Chloe Radcliffe” and the word “birthmark” is the first thing that comes up in the autofill). 

“I actually don’t mind that association. If anything, it makes me easier to find,” she says. “I will regret that sentiment when our overloads are openly hunting us, but for now, come follow me on Instagram.”

Now a full-time resident of New York, Radcliffe has been named one of Conan O’Brien’s “Comics to Watch” as part of the New York Comedy Festival, and one of Thrillist’s “Best Undiscovered Comedians in America.” Despite its reputation of stomping on the dreams of young comedy hopefuls from the Midwest, she says that her first year in New York has been fairly positive. 

“I was shocked at how friendly, positive, supportive, and optimistic the New York City scene is as a whole,” Radcliffe says. “I mean, everyone is still sad, because duh, but people pretty much universally acknowledge that you have to be optimistic and delusional at your core to be pursuing art in New York City.” 

Prior to moving out of Minnesota, Radcliffe was a star on the rise locally, serving as a regular performer at Acme Comedy Co., CCU, and Sisyphus, amongst others. 

“There’s a cycle that I think most people pursuing a dream experience,” she says. “Feel successful, ride that high, feel unsuccessful, beat yourself up, rinse and repeat. In Minneapolis, that cycle happens every six months for me. In New York, it happens once a week.”

Aside from her headlining gigs this weekend, Radcliffe hasn’t completely abandoned the local scene. She is still a producer of the annual 10,000 Laughs Festival, scheduled to take over Minneapolis this October.

“I truly love the festival; you have to in order to put in the amount of work that it requires,” she says. “I love throwing parties, and producing a festival feels a lot like throwing a giant party with a ton of people I love.”

But for now, her attention is focused on making this weekend’s shows the best they can possibly be. Friday night and the early show Saturday have already sold out in advance, but there are still tickets available for the late show Saturday.

As for her plans beyond her homecoming, Radcliffe is just like all of us: looking for that sweet, sweet social media validation. 

“At this point, my focus is just headlining small rooms like the CCU. I’ve also got a couple of non-standup projects cooking, so please follow me on Instagram. Please God, I need this.”


Chloe Radcliffe
Comedy Corner Underground
8 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 10 p.m. Saturday
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