Adorable pit bull puppies make Maple Grove wedding pictures go viral [PHOTOS]

The wedding party had no idea to expect this. Imagine how the puppies feel.

The wedding party had no idea to expect this. Imagine how the puppies feel. Alycia Faye Photography

The bride and groom will remember their wedding day forever.

One local couple ensured that the whole internet will have fond feelings about the matrimony of some complete strangers. 

The wedding was normal. It's what they did after that put them on the viral internet map. But they cheated: They brought in a pack of impossibly adorable pit bull puppies, and took their post-nuptial photos holding the fluffy little critters.

Kathryn Dombrowski and Brad Ziemer married at a golf course in Maple Grove this past weekend, and, at the urging of Dombrowski, brought in a slew of rescue pit bulls from Secondhand Hounds, where Dombrowski volunteers, Huffington Post reports.

The decision (a replica of a similar wedding photo series recently taken in Pennsylvania) was meant to "raise awareness" about the abundance of pit bull rescues available for adoption in this country. It has certainly raised awareness about how freaking cute they are.

Dombrowski managed to surprise the whole wedding party, who assumed they'd be stepping outside the banquet hall for the normal portraits and group shots. Wrong! There were a baker's dozen worth of pits, one for each bridesmaid and groomsman to hold. 

"The wedding party was so excited," Dombrowski says, "that the photographers had a hard time lining everyone up for pictures because of their awe and excitement."

To be fair, the puppies probably didn't expect the doors to open and a bunch of dressed-up people to come out and turn them into fuzzy photo props. They handled this turn of events pretty well though.

The puppies were all born from one litter by their mother, Pikachu, and each has a Pokemon-themed name. After the ceremony, they were returned to mom's side, where, one can assume, they had difficulty explaining where they'd been all afternoon. 

All photos courtesy Alycia Faye Photoraphy.