Adorable and affordable footwear from Marais USA

Marais USA is quickly becoming one of the most talked about (and blogged about) up-and-coming footwear lines. Marais founders, Haley Boyd and Catherine Chen, met while studying at Parsons in New York City and quickly bonded over a chic, less-is-more aesthetic.

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"We started Marais USA because we could never find ultra simple, chic, and affordable footwear while we were still at Parsons. Every time we went shopping we could never find a well-designed flat for $50 that didn't have some kind of weird embellishment. That is how our collection started and here we are two years later! Mainly we wanted to design shoes that we, ourselves, could wear everyday. We didn't understand why simple had to be expensive, and we still don't understand why that is the case," says Catherine.Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shown above, the Marais Kitten Heel

So if you are in the market for a perfect pair of summer sandals, a sweet Mary-Jane flat, or a simple satin pump for around $50-$80, look no further than Marais USA.

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