Adam Turman's "Save Second Base" t-shirts: Sexist slogan or harmless fun?

Do you want your boyfriend wearing this T-shirt?

Do you want your boyfriend wearing this T-shirt?

Popular Minneapolis poster designer Adam Turman's "Save Second Base" T-shirts are supposed to be all about fighting breast cancer. But this week, they sparked a Twitter war over whether they demean the very people the t-shirt purports to help.

The T-shirts feature a busty lady in a baseball jersey and the slogan, "Don't Let Breast Cancer Steal Second Base," an obvious allusion to the schoolyard euphemism for copping a feel.

Kate-Madonna Hindes, who is currently suffering from cancer herself, saw the image on Turman's site this week and took to Twitter to voice her displeasure.

I'm absolutely fuming over how sexually demeaning this shirt is: than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

[jump] She wasn't the only one offended by the shirt:

[email protected]AdamTurman Your "Save Second Base" t-shirts are incredibly demeaning to women. Make it about the cause and not about sex. #disgustingless than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

Hindes has lost one friend to breast cancer and three to cervical cancer and is currently battling cervical cancer herself.

"It's very much aimed at men," she says of the t-shirt's cheeky slogan. "Girls don't worry about getting to second base. Men worry about getting to second base. Women worry about taking care of their bodies." Turman says the spelling error is the fault of his Boston client.