Adam Turman Is MN State Fair's 2015 Commemorative Artist

Over the years, Minnesota State Fair commemorative art has included works that were wholesome... and often a little weird. The art for the 2015 season will probably be a little hip, as it was announced today that print, illustration, and mural artist Adam Turman will be creating the official art pieces for next summer.

The choice seems like a pretty great fit. Even if his name is not familiar, most Minnesotans will probably recognize his work, which includes his Minnesota pinup series (with lady hockey players, hot dish makers, and snow bunnies), his bikes series, and other pieces celebrating Minnesota love. His murals can be viewed on the side of Butcher & the Boar and Sisyphus Brewery, and he has also created poster work for iconic Twin Cities businesses like Electric Fetus, Surly Brewing, and Kramarczuk's.

So what will the 2015 poster look like? It sounds like he might be going with building structures over ladies with food on a stick:

"I love the fair and look forward to capturing this iconic landmark for fair lovers all over the state of Minnesota," he says in the press release sent out today.

The official artwork will be unveiled and available for purchase in June. It may seem far away now, but it will be here before you know it.

For more info, visit the Minnesota State Fair website.