Adam Livermore: An American (hairstylist) in Paris

Locally based, exceptionally talented hair stylist Adam Livermore just arrived back to our fair city from Couture Fashion Week in Paris. He was kind enough to chat with City Pages about Armani, haute couture, and what it is really like behind the scenes at fashion week in the city of lights.

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Livermore styling model Karlie Kloss at Armani Haute Couture Spring 2010

Jane Belfry: How long have you been in the industry? How did you get your start?

Adam Livermore: I've been doing hair professionally for about 8 years, and unprofessionally since high school. I guess I got started by doing my prom dates' hair, but I didn't go to school for it until about 5 years later. It's scary to try to make a real career out of what you love to do--what if you fail?  But eventually I realized how much I wanted it, and took a tour of the Aveda Institute.  That was it.

JB: How many seasons have you styled hair for fashion week?

AL: I just got back from Paris yesterday actually, doing our fourth show with Mr. Armani. I worked on the Spring/Summer Haute Couture collection, the Fall Emporio and Giorgio Armani womens ready to wear collections for 2010, and the Fall Haute Couture. 

JB: How does it feel to work in such a high profile, high energy environment?

AL: It's a high stress/high reward situation. For a creative person, it's incredibly fulfilling to work on a project where every piece of the puzzle is at the industry's highest level. But it's also intimidating. You have to be at your absolute best in a demanding environment. You have to produce your best work, do it quickly, many times completely change everything at the drop of a hat, not cause any drama, keep the models happy, be calm and graceful under pressure, and do it all under the scrutiny of a client like Mr. Armani, AND the global press.  Either of which are likely to be standing right behind you at any moment.

JB: What was your favorite show to work on?

AL: You never forget your first time right?    It was couture for Mr. Armani and after we'd done the girls' hair and they went off to get dressed and lined up, I snuck around the corner from the hair department to see them in the clothes with hair and makeup done. It was total mayhem; the dressers were pushing and pulling the girls into clothes, the press were yelling and snapping pictures everywhere, Anne Hathaway was there with her new boyfriend, and Tina Turner was looking fabulous! I stood there literally dumbstruck, and when the girls started lining up a few minutes later I got teary eyed up and had to compose myself. They were just so beautiful, and I couldn't believe that I'd been lucky enough to be part of that.  It was the most creatively fulfilled I've ever felt.

JB: What hair trends do you see for 2010?

AL: A bit of rough, frizzy texture is feeling really fresh now. We've seen it in recent campaigns, like the crimpy hair in the Sonia Rykiel for H&M and the 2010 Prada campaigns.  Or Madonna's sexy hair for Louis Vuitton last year. It's more rough than glossy. You can dress it up or down, it works for red carpet or at the beach. Don't smooth your hair too much, and even make it a little rougher with products like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (which will give you an extra day without needing to shampoo too). I'm not saying resurrect your crimping iron, but I am saying PLEASE lay off the flat irons.  They're like laying in a tanning bed. You look fabulous in the short term but you'll pay for it in the end.

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