Acme Comedy Co. spotlights local all-stars


This week, the club known for grooming the very best local talent will shine the spotlight on the next generation of comedians during the Acme All-Star Showcase. Each night four comedians, all of which are regulars at Acme, will take the stage for approximately 25 minutes. Performances will be taped and released this fall through the club’s website.

The idea for the shows originated back in 2013, when headliner Jackie Kashian was taping a special at Acme. That night, she allowed a handful of local comedians do seven-minute sets to open for her, and in exchange they received a high-quality recording for their own websites.

“Our local comedy scene has grown since then,” says Acme owner Louis Lee. “That’s why we decided to dedicate a full week in July to allow these comics to each do a 25-minute set to showcase just how much their acts have grown in the past 18 months.”

The lineup for each night will vary slightly, with a combination of polished veterans like Bryan Miller and Tommy Ryman, the latter of who headlined this past week at Acme, to up-and-comers like Trevor Anderson and Mike Earley.

Before the showcase kicks off, we wanted to take a look at four of the comedians you shouldn’t miss:

[jump] Earl Elliot

Just over two years into his comedy career, Elliot has caught the eye of comedy fans both locally and nationally this year. In addition to regularly performing at Acme, he was asked to audition for the latest season of Last Comic Standing. While his career is steadily rising, his laid back onstage presence is that of a guy who is more interested in making people laugh than making himself famous.

When can you see him?

Tuesday, June 30

Thursday, July 2

Linda Aarons

Linda Aarons's comedy will sneak up on you... in a good way. Her look and demeanor immediately lure you into a false sense of “mom comic” security, before her pop-culture knowledge and dry delivery will catch even the most cynical audience member off guard.

When can you see her?

Thursday, July 2

Nate Abshire

He’s headlined at clubs all over the Midwest, appeared on last season’s Last Comic Standing, and has performed alongside local comedy super-group The Turkeys. Abshire on his own is hilarious, self-deprecating, and worth the price of admission. You’ll definitely want to see him now on the small-stage, before he’s everywhere on the small-screen sooner than later.

When can you see him?

Wednesday, July 1

Friday, July 3

Shannan Paul

Maybe you’ve heard her voice on the radio as a DJ for Go96.3, or as one of the hosts of the hilarious Your Geek Show podcast, or performing at Acme and other clubs around town. No matter where you’ve seen (or heard) her, you know just how great Miss Shannan is. With comedy that’s personal and relatable, she has the ability to make you feel like you’ve been friends for years, even if you’re only seeing her for the very first time.

When can you see her?

Friday, July 3


Acme All-Star Showcase

8 p.m. Tuesday, June 30 through Thursday, July 2; 8 & 10:30 p.m. Friday, July 3


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