Acclaimed poet Buddy Wakefield to perform at Kieran's

In 2001 Buddy Wakefield quit his executive assistant job and hit the road to pursue a dream. For over two years he toured the country in his Honda Civic, crafting his unique slam poetry that has earned him a reputation for passionate performances blending intense emotion, honesty, and humor.

In 2004 and 2005 Wakefield won the Individual World Poetry Slam Championship. He has also received accolades from NPR, HBO, BBC, and CBC, as well as from Norman Lear, Ani DiFranco, and Don Beck. He has toured with DiFranco, Sage Francis, Saul Williams, and numerous poets, both solo and in groups.

To celebrate his third book, Gentleman Practice (to be released in March by Write Bloody Publishing), Wakefield is hitting the road for what he calls his last "full-on national solo tour." He'll be returning to his roots, getting in his car and driving cross-country in promotion, celebrating 10 successful years of life on the road. "I want to keep things personal this time," he explains.

Fans will also treated to a workshop opportunity at the Local on Saturday afternoon. Just one of three workshops on his three-month tour, poets of all skill-levels are welcome to join Wakefield in the flesh to learn from his experience and talk trade.

When not on the road, Wakefield resides in Seattle. He has toured with several poetry groups, and serves on the board of Youth Speaks Seattle, a non-profit literary arts organization. Promising to settle down a bit following the tour's completion, Wakefield explains, "Now it's time to find a home that doesn't roll, maybe write a larger-impacting work."

Local poets Sam Cook and Spencer Retelle will be opening the SlamMN! event.

If you go:

Saturday, February 26
7:30 p.m. 
Kieran's Irish Pub

$10 admission

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