A Tale of Twin Cities

Kevin Kling's ability to spin slightly skewed stories about everyday life is the main appeal of his latest show, now playing at the History Theatre, but it's not the only one. Musician Simone Perrin has added an extra layer to Kling's shows for years, and her music in this ramshackle tour through the Twin Cities helps to give it shape and provide commentary on the stories. She even makes the accordion look cool. Kling is far more interested in the character of the Twin Cities than in its strict history. He shares stories from his life—crazed shop teachers, alcoholic friends, and trips to the State Fair—and key moments from the area's history, but they're still seen through the eyes of the everyday people who define the region. The storyteller takes great delight in these folks, and he sees the shared experience of waves of immigrants as an essential piece of the puzzle. In one story, Kling describes the actions of two Minnesota soldiers at Gettysburg, one who sparks a Union charge by rushing out carrying his regiment's flag high, the other who captures a flag from the enemy. As if fated, the first was from Minneapolis, the second hailed from St. Paul. Kling sees Minneapolis and St. Paul not as twins but siblings, which shows insight of the cities' natures but also allows him to share stories about his own family. So you get stories, songs, a tap dance routine, and a desire to visit the State Fair—all good for fighting away the final weeks of a long winter. $10-$32. 30 E. 10th St., St. Paul; 651.292.4323. Through April 3