A price list for human interaction with the stars of Comic Con Minneapolis


This week, folks will flock to the Minneapolis Convention Center for three days of collectable shopping, celebrity appearances, and cosplay contests.

Wizard World Comic Con 2017

Minneapolis Convention Center
$39.95-$49.95 daily; $79.95 three-day pass

While most celebrity panel talks are free with general admission ($35-$75), you have to pony up if you want primo seats at these gatherings, or a moment of a celebrity's time outside of that convention hall-sized Q&A room. VIP tickets also score you access to special break rooms and other amenities.

This can set you back almost $1,000, not including travel and hotel accomodations.

Let's take a look at some of the ways you can spend a pretty penny this weekend. See someone worth splurging on? Tickets and more can be found at  

Peter Capaldi

Dr. Who mega fans have already managed to sell out some packages to see the current Doctor. If you have the cash, or just got your tax refund, you can still spring for VIP tickets. If you're broke, you can watch the series on Amazon Prime in the U.S. or Netflix worldwide.

If you want an autograph: $100 (it's $125 if you bring your own item to sign).
If you want a photo: $105.
If you want to hang with him: $349-$899. Most of these packages include a smaller, VIP meet-and-greet.
Some of the odd schwag that comes with VIP: A Doctor Who TARDIS talking cookie jar, an 8GB USB memory stick, a Red Dalek talking plush, a trans temporal sonic screwdriver, and a license-plate frame that reads "My Other Ride Is The Tardis."

Jenna Coleman

She was once a Dr. Who companion, now she's Queen Victoria on PBS/BBC. 

Autograph: $65.
Photo: $65.
A photo with the Coleman and Capaldi: $135.

John Barrowman

That's Captain Jack Harkness for Dr. Who/Torchwood fans. Or, if superhero shows on the CW is more your speed, you know him as Malcolm Merlin... and some other names (no spoilers!).

Autograph: $40.
Photo: $65.

Charlie Sheen

You know who this dude is. He was in serious drama and comedies in the '80s and '90s, and now he's ubiquitous in syndication thanks to Two and a Half Men. When he isn't shouting about tiger blood and warlocks, he's usually in the middle of custody battles with ex wives (as in, which wife gets his kids). 

Autograph: $60 ($80 if you want to bring a personal item for Sheen to sign).
Photo: $75.
VIP access: Choose from three levels of packages ranging in price from $290-$550.
Weird schwag you score when you go VIP: Some of the many items included in the various packages include DVDs like Major League, Platoon, Hot Shots, and Two and a Half Men, season one; a Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughan baseball card, jersey, and reading glasses; and a Sheen Funko doll.    

Charisma Carpenter

As Cordelia Chase on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, Charisma Carpenter is forever a part of the Whedonverse.

Autograph: $40.
Photo: $55; or save $15 and whip out your cell phone and take a selfie for $40.

Nicholas Brendon

Xander Harris from Buffy.

Photo: $50.

Want a mini-reunion pic with Nicholas Brendon and Charisma Carpenter? $80.

James Marsters

Buffy's Spike is returning after last year's visit. You may also know Marsters from Torchwood and Smallville.

An autograph: $40.
Photo: $65.

Photo op with Charisma Carpenter and Nicholas Brendon: $120.

Nichelle Nichols

As part of the original Star Trek crew, Nichelle Nichols is space pioneer. She was also a revolutionary: the first African American female lead on television to have a role outside that of a slave or a servant. When she considered leaving the show, Martin Luther King Jr. encouraged her to stay. 

Autograph: $50.
Photo: $50.
VIP: $214.99 (plus fees).
Weird bonus schwag you get with VIP passes: A Star Trek beach towel, bow tie, bobble head toy, duffel bag, pin, collectors' tins, Uhura makeup bag, and ankle socks.

Marina Sirtis

That's empath Counselor Deanna Troi for you Star Trek: Next Generation fans. 

Photo: $45.


Barry Bostwick

According to last year's talk, Barry Bostwick once did cocaine with Meatloaf. While that probably won't happen if you hang with him this weekend, the Rocky Horror star may be your most affordable -- and potentially wild -- VIP experience.

Photo: $75.
If you want to hang with him: Last year, Barry Bostwick lead a brief sing-along of "Time Warp" at the end of his panel talk. This year, he'll be going whole hog at the Riverview Theater for a midnight showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Tickets are $15; $35 if you want to be in the special cosplay zone. 
VIP: Bostwick may be the most affordable star this year. For $89, you get an autograph, a VIP meet-and-great, and a photo op (you must provide your own camera, however).

Micky Dolenz & Peter Tork

Two of the three surviving Monkees will be in town. The Monkees are old-school in terms of payments as well; it's cash-only for these special offerings.

Autograph: $40 per Monkee.
Photo: $60 per Monkee.
A picture with both: $95. 

Gregg Sulkin

Millenials might recognize him from Wizards of Waverly Place and Pretty Little Liars

Autograph: $40.
Photo: $55.