A potluck of ideas at Intermedia Arts

​Who doesn't love a good potluck dinner, especially around the holidays? The word smorgasbord, or in Swedish smörgåsbord, literally means an open buffet offering a variety of food--music to many people's ears this time of year, because when tasked with bringing one item, potluck contributors usually bring their best, which usually results in a tasty evening. 

Apply that idea to film, discussion, and performance art and you get the American Project Potluck of Ideas at Intermedia Arts, with some pretty good food too. 

Tomorrow night Intermedia Arts and Kaotic Good Productions present the American Project Potluck of Ideas. The evening will not only bring together amazing food, but also enlightening and thought-provoking ideas about the state of America today. 

Visitors will be asked to bring food and their feelings about the U.S. to the table in the form of a potluck contribution too. To get conversation going, there will be a film screening poet Sekou Sundiata's "51st Dream State," which touches on America's identity before and after 9/11, and what a 51st state would be like. 

Tomorrow night's potluck themed evening also will feature guest performances by Tou Saiko Lee & Band, dancer and choreographer Leah Nelson, Boytron, Kathy Maxwell, Mero Cocinero, and Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay. 

Host Robert Karimi will keep the conversation going throughout the night, giving all present a chance to really delve into their ideas of American identity, producing quite literally and figuratively an evening filled with food for thought. 

Tickets are $10, or $5 with a potluck item. To reserve a seat call 612.871.4444.