A Hmong arts and crafts fair (and other artsy happenings worth your time)

The super adorable work of Venlaa, who will be at the Hmong Arts and Craft Fair.

The super adorable work of Venlaa, who will be at the Hmong Arts and Craft Fair.

It’s a busy weekend for art, with the Northern Spark festival on Saturday night and the opening of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. But that’s not all! We have several other events for you to check out this week, including paranormal inspired art, Hmong arts and crafts, social practice photography, and a new show at Silverwood Park.

Northern Spark 2017

Minneapolis Convention Center

Hmong Arts and Craft Fair

Where it’s at: 2410 Stillwater Rd. E., St. Paul.

What it’s about: Celebrate Minnesota’s rich Hmong culture at the Hmong Arts and Craft Fair, where Hmong artists and artisans will show off their wears. There’ll be plenty to eat and drink, as well as activities for children.

Why you should go: With dolls, pillows, beautiful cards, and jewerly, you can pick up gifts for everyone (and one for yourself), while tasting delicious treats. Traditional crafts will be on hand as well as pop and whimsy inspired spinoffs. Make sure you come hungry.

When: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday.


Unanchored by Sarah Kusa and Chad Rutter

Where it’s at: Three Rivers Park District - Silverwood Park, 2500 County Rd. E W., Saint Anthony.

What it’s about: Artists Sarah Kusa and Chad Rutter explores themes of location, connection, and vulnerability. Between Kusa’s snake-like formations made of cloth and dangling thread and Rutter’s drawings and prints of altered natural disaster, the two artists dig into what lies beneath, both personally and for the Earth.

Why you should go: As a gallery, Silverwood Park often hosts artists exploring nature and the environment. For this show, the greater world clashes with our internal lives, as the artists search for the seen and unseen.

When: The opening reception is from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday. The exhibition runs through July 31.

I Want to Believe by Brandon Kuehn

Where it’s at: Augsburg Art Galleries, 2211 Riverside Ave., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Artist Brandon Kuehn finds his inspiration from the paranormal. In 2015, he traveled across the state of Minnesota, documenting UFO sightings, myths, and folklore. From there, Kuehn used his artistic practice to bridge the gap between the knowable and the unknowable.

Why you should go: Whether you believe in extra-terrestrial life, ghosts, or other unexplainable phenomena, or you just find these topics fascinating, check out this show as Kuehn explores beliefs, legends. and the great mysteries of life and the beyond.

When: 6-8 p.m. Friday.

Michael Johnson

Where it’s at: Porch Gallery, 3306 Park Ave., Minneapolis.

What it’s about: Michael Johnson walked 11.2 miles across Minneapolis while a photographic process was taking place under each of his arms. The video and photograms he created, using canvasses soaked in a photosensitive cyanotype solution, document his journey, and will be on display at the Porch Gallery.

Why you should go: A kind of science experiment slash art project, Johnson offers a slice-of-life look at a day on Earth while making a statement about non-car modes of travel.

When: 8 to 11 p.m. Saturday. The exhibition runs through July 8.