'A Christmas Story' screens at Riverview Theater this week

For many people, Christmas isn't the same without spending a couple hours in front of the boobtube watching the 80's holiday classic A Christmas Story. Without Ralphie and the rest of the Parkers, this Saturday could be just another December day.

There are countless holiday movies that no matter how many times you've seen them, Christmas isn't the same until you've watched them again. The 1983 classic

A Christmas Story

is part of that list for scores people, thanks to Ralphie and his family's shenanigans during his quest for that highly desired Red Ryder BB gun. Complete with a 1940s setting, a rude Santa, school bullies, snowballs to the face, and tongues stuck to metal poles, if you haven't seen

A Christmas Story

, time's a wasting. 

Thank goodness the Riverview Theater is screening it all week at 4 and 6 p.m. with tickets set at retro prices: $2, or $1 per ticket with a non-perishable food donation. The retro prices are even at the concession stands where popcorn and drinks are only $1 each.

For those of you that have seen it 80 times, what are your favorite moments? The fa-ra-ra-ra sing-along during Christmas dinner at the Chinese restaurant? Or when Ralphie meets with Santa? The infamous leg lamp? Let us know in the comments.

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