8 glam -- and not so glam -- things to keep in your winter beauty arsenal


Many people hate winter. But if you have AutoStart and the right pieces of clothing, it’s really not so bad. Would we rather be chillin’ on a beach all of January? Of course. But the summers here make the winters worth it, and for that, we’ll suffer a bit. The following is our arsenal of products and pieces of clothing that make winter a bit less painful.


(Fleet Farm: Your wintertime Sephora)

Hand cream. Any hand cream is better than no hand cream, but Aveda’s Hand Relief is the best. (Full disclosure: I work with Aveda.) The hardcore farmer kind you can get at Fleet Farm is also just the thing for painfully split, dry skin.

Heavy lip balm. Nothing is worse than winter mouth. You know what we're talking about. You’ve got a cold (so you’re breathing through your mouth at night), the air is dry as hell, and it’s windy and chilly. That means your lips are chapped. Ew. Keep your favorite heavy lip balm in your bag, at your desk, in your car, and in your coat.


(Speaking of Sephora, here are four lipsticks for $25 at Sephora)

A bright lipstick. Because some days are just gray and shitty and you need a hot pink or cherry red lipstick to get you through them.

Travel-size hairspray. When you wear tights, they can sometimes get stuck to your dress, and that ain’t cute. Hairspray kills static cling and also fixes any flyaways you get from wearing your boyfriend’s Carhartt hat. Just toss a travel size in your bag.



Men’s hunting socks. When you’re tromping across the frozen lake or wandering through the woods at your cabin, you gotta keep your feet warm or you’ll be miserable. Enter men’s thick, cushy, cozy hunting socks. If you’re devoted to your Hunter wellies, you know that those things will keep your feet 100 percent dry but not at all insulated. LL Bean’s cute and trendy Duck boots are much the same way. Warm ‘em up with the kind of socks your dad wears, easily obtainable at Minnesota’s most beloved outdoor outlet, Gander Mountain.

Cashmere sweaters. You can thrift these easily at Saver’s or Value Village, and they’re warmer than wool and way less scratchy. You don’t have to take it to the dry cleaner, either. Just wash it in your bathtub in lukewarm water with a gentle shampoo or hand soap, then wring it out by rolling it up in a towel and applying pressure as you roll. It’s so easy!


(Sunnies from Parc)

New sunglasses. Have you tried to drive the morning after a fresh coat of snow? It is BLINDING. How many times have you forgotten to grab shades before heading out thinking, “Well, it’s not summer?” Way too many. Parc boutique has a very cute sunglasses selection, and the $50-ish pairs by Quay Australia at Nordstrom Ridgedale are great.

HotHands. You can’t possibly think of tailgating before a Vikings game or going sledding without HotHands! Get ‘em in bulk on Amazon. Being warm is a fashion statement, you know. You tend to smile more when your fingers aren’t icicles.