7 tips for layering up and looking cute during the worst part of winter


Winter is a fact of life in these parts, and like we’ve said before, it doesn’t have to suck.

You can enjoy all aspects of winter, like pushing out cars in a snowstorm, tailgating at a Vikings game, or cross-country skiing in Theodore Wirth Park -- if you’re dressed properly. (Remember all those cold, sad people in town for the Super Bowl last year? They should have asked me for help.)

That said, winter dressing isn’t always the most stylish thing in the world, but you don’t have to give up and spend January through April in the same pair of leggings and giant sweater. Sure, you have to put in more effort than you do in the summer, but it’s worth it. These are some tried-and-true tips for layering up and looking cute during the worst part of winter.

L&R: Coats from Via's Vintage; Center: Coat from Golden Pearl

L&R: Coats from Via's Vintage; Center: Coat from Golden Pearl

1. Go vintage and go faux

Some of the warmest, most stylish, and coziest coats are vintage ‘60s and ‘70s faux fur teddy bear coats, easily found at thrift stores and vintage shops. They won’t make you look lumpy and shapeless like that ol’ black puffy parka, and they’ll keep you hella warm.

2. Tights are warmer than pants.

This is a fact. My legs always feel so much warmer when I’m wearing tights on my five-minute walk to my garage than they do in stiff jeans. Athleta’s fleece leggings are also great on chilly weekend days.

Waterproof shoes are just a spray away.

Waterproof shoes are just a spray away. Source: The internet

3. Waterproof your shoes!

Minneapolis and St. Paul salts the hell out of their streets. It’s great when you’re out for a run but not when you’re trying to wear your favorite shoes. Keep them protected so they don’t become all stained and sad.

4. Get your Uggs cleaned.

I have them, you have them, we all have them. They’re warm, okay? But the key to staying as cute as possible on winter days when you just wanna slip your feet into cozy boots is to get them professionally cleaned every spring. If your Uggs are busted from salty and sludgy streets, don’t worry: Most dry cleaners can keep them looking good no matter their age.

5. Layer smart

If you’re spending a lot of time outside, wear a few layers to keep as warm and toasty as possible. Pro tip: Opt for breathable, natural fibers like cotton, silk, wool, and cashmere so you’re not sweating your ass off. LL Bean makes silk long underwear that are truly lovely.

6. Give your favorite summer and fall dresses a new life.

Summer’s slip dresses don’t need to go into storage come winter. Pull on a pair of tights on the bottom and try Spanx’s REVOLUTIONARY (caps necessary) Arm Tights, available at Roe Wolfe Galleria, on top. They’re like a long-sleeve cropped T-shirt made of a pantyhose-like material and they’re super cute. You won’t know how you lived without them.

7. Tuck a Fireball in your coat.

Just an idea. Hey, if it works for ice fishermen...