7 fast facts about Becca Kufrin, the Minnesota-born 'Bachelorette' star

ABC The Bachelor

ABC The Bachelor

As we hoped (or feared), a Minnesotan has been named the next Bachelorette.

The elaborately humiliated winner-turned-loser-turned-international-heroine of this season of The Bachelor has been named the next woman to have dozens of men vying for her hand on national television. If you don't watch The Bachelor — or The Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise, or The Bachelor Winter Games — you may be wondering, just who is this woman known to millions of viewers as "Becca K."?

Her full name is Becca Kufrin. Yes, the 27-year-old Minneapolis publicist has a surname. Contestants on The Bachelor go by first names only, or first names and initials where necessary, to preserve an ostensible modicum of confidentiality.

She hails from Prior Lake. Minnesota is hardly a familiar destination for the glamorous Bachelor franchise, but race car driver Arie Luyendyk Jr. made the requisite pilgrimage to the southwestern Twin Cities exurb (with a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Minneapolis montage) when Becca advanced to the "hometowns" phase of this season's competition.

She's from a duck dynasty. Some of the drama of Becca's hometown visit this season turned on the fact that her beloved father, a notable wetland and waterfowl activist, died in 2009. When Arie came to town, he and Becca went apple-picking at Minnetonka Orchards, where Becca used to go with her dad. Yes, they carved their initials into a tree. Find it and you'll have your Instagram gold for the year.

She was a dark horse. Always appealing, Becca had little screen time for most of this Bachelor season. Much of the early drama was concerned Arie's ill-fated infatuations with the vivacious young Bekah M. — who made headlines when it was revealed that, despite being on a hugely popular reality TV show, she still appeared on a missing-persons list — and with Krystal, the vulnerable-turned-villain fitness coach who infamously claimed that she "grew up in a bowling alley."

A lot of people want her ex-boyfriend to be the next Bachelor. Before being named the next Bachelorette, before starring in one of the most notorious episodes in reality TV history, Becca's very unwanted claim to Bachelor fame was having an exotic getaway rudely interrupted by her ex-boyfriend Ross Jirgl. Despite their relationship having been over for a year, Jirgl thought he still had a shot with Becca. He was wrong, but his stalker-y sincerity (and the banging beach bod he shows off on Instagram) convinced a lot of viewers that Becca's fellow MSU Mankato grad would be a prime pick to succeed Arie.

She's inspired a legislative threat.

State Rep. Drew Christensen (R-Savage), another Prior Lake H.S. grad, found viral fame when he promised to propose legislation banning Luyendyk from the Gopher State. (As though Arie would ever want to come back here, now that stock car racing has disappeared from the State Fair.) Christensen has also dangled the idea of inviting Becca to Gov.Mark Dayton's State of the State address next week.

She has a corgi named Max. Since Becca will be bound, as Bachelorette, to bring a few guys back to her hometown to give them the lay of the land, chances are high that we'll get a sunset scene on a lakeside beach, with a cutaway to a scandalized Max perking his ears up.  


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