62 things we love about fall in Minnesota

Lucy Hawthorne

Lucy Hawthorne

Fall in Minnesota: Is there anything better? 

In future seasonal listicles from us -- three others, specifically -- you will hear claims that refute that. But, on this gorgeous autumnal day, let's go ahead and say fall in Minnesota is truly the best.

What's that, you say? You still require 62 pieces of evidence affirming our state's leaf-blazing, denim-jacketed, Honeycrisp-chomping majesty?  

You're in luck: 

  • Whipping out those Red Wing boots!
  • Firepits at bars
  • Biking to work and not being soaked in sweat or snow
  • Cathartic fist-shaking at damage caused by area teens who, when denied treats, decided to trick
  • Pickin’ some apples
  • Pickin’ some pumpkins
  • Gettin' cozy! 
  • Saving time not watching the playoff-eliminated Minnesota Twins
  • The end of road construction season
  • Not funneling one-third of our income toward bug spray
  • Proudly holding out until the last moment to fire up the furnace
  • Soups!
  • Our city’s wild turkeys get to flaunt their freedom
  • Hearing lake waves lap against the shore one last time before winter's cold, dead hands seize it
  • Crunching leaves bring an exciting new auditory element to walking
  • Baking -- or cooking, or turning the oven on at all -- without suffering
  • Chunky sweaters. Chunky scarves. Chunky stews.
  • The exhilarating high that comes with voting in elections
  • Pun-y Halloween cover band shows
  • ARTCRANK bike and beer poster show returns
  • Can we get a shoutout for backyard bonfires? 
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Day often brings great street parties, potlucks, concerts, political projects, and more to Minneapolis
  • Old-school Halloween movies start screening at cool venues around town, including Parkway Theater, Uptown Theatre, Trylon, and sometimes even in cemeteries -- spooky!
  • Substantial woolen socks
  • Trick or Treating at the Mall of America is pretty adorable
  • Rich families that “trickle down” wealth via handing out full-size candy bars