6 Halloween costumes ripped from Minnesota headlines


Pop-culture and the news of the day can make for awesome Halloween getups. While most parties will have an Eleven from Stranger Things, and we're anticipating a few Trumps this year, folks who go hyper-local this holiday season score additional points for originality.

Here are a few suggestions taken from recent headlines.

Duke, the dog mayor of Cormorant Township

Last November, the super fluffy nine-year-old Great Pyrenees was re-elected to a third term in office as mayor of Cormorant. What started as a joke -- he wasn't campaigning, he won via prankster write-in -- is now reality. Duke is the only canine mayor in the U.S.

Yes, the tiny mayor hat is required if you go for this look.



The ghost that's haunting that one gas station in Roseville

Put on a sheet or dress like a zombie-poltergeist; you're the ghost of the B-Dale Corner Store. Carry some Doritos, a few lottery tickets, some smokes, and a six-pack of beer with you and freak people out.

Even the Romans understood that you need seats for the peasants -- if only to divert them from the wholesale theft taking place.

Even the Romans understood that you need seats for the peasants -- if only to divert them from the wholesale theft taking place. Wikimedia

The bird slaying U.S. Bank Stadium

The new football stadium doesn't just kill your wallet, it also kills birds. So much so that three different conservation groups have teamed up to collect information on just how deadly this building is. For this costume, we suggest dressing like a ninja (so you can be as invisible to others are the glass structure is to birds) and pinning fake birds all over your body. Don't forget to slap the building logo somewhere on your body.

Old Minneapolis

Old Minneapolis

Mickey, the bad-ass firefighting cat

During the Depression, the Minneapolis Fire Department employed a cat named Mickey. Not only did he wear a firefighter's hat, he also did things like slide down the fireman's pole and ride in the truck along with the other fellas. Pay tribute to him this Halloween by mashing a cat costume up with a firefighter one.


Bike lane protestor

A few weeks ago, a group of people took to the streets to protest and alert people to how much they hate bikes and bike lanes. A few local politicians showed up, as did a dog, and a pro-bike lane contingency showed up. It was all kinda lame. For this costume, simply make a melodramatic sign (some particularly tasteless ones read "Nazi Lane" and "Cars First"), cover it in some fake blood, and then spend the night talking about how car owners are oppressed.



That guy who's living his best life drinking on I-35W

If you are looking for an excuse to spend the night sitting in a lawn chair and drinking whiskey, then this is your costume.