50 protest murals show the Twin Cities' solidarity, grief through art

Over the course of a few days, everyone from accomplished street artists to nine-year-olds seized the sea of plywood washing over the Twin Cities’ windows as their own, converting the boards into protest murals. In their hands, barriers transformed into devices of communication—integral to healing, processing, and mobilizing for reform in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. These temporary canvases – spanning neighborhoods from Corcoran to Hawthorne, and Lyn-Lake to St. Paul – have filled the metro with original works of meaningful art. Knowing that these beautiful expressions of raw, visual voice won’t be around forever, City Pages has compiled a record of our cities before the boards come down. We tagged as many artists as possible/received permission, but acknowledge we have fallen short of what we'd hoped and would love to include more creators. If you're the artist(s) responsible for a piece seen here and would like to be credited, please email [email protected] (including slideshow image number, please).