4 local fall must-have pieces now that it's not 90 degrees out


Fall people, go ahead and drink your pumpkin spice latte, put on your boots and your scarf, and get all cozy as you celebrate the advent of your favorite season. Now that the temp has dropped and it’s legit chilly in the morning (45 degrees at 8 a.m. today!), you might need to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe. You know, because winter is coming and you might as well have fun when you can.
A few local shops have their fall wares ready and waiting for you, so before you hit up the apple orchard or the tailgate, pick up a sweater or two.


What’s fall without a jewel-toned accent piece? NOTHING. Jewel tones and fall go together like basic bitches and PSLs. If these purple suede Christian Lacroix T-strap heels from June Resale fit, you know we’d be wearing them right now. Rock them with your favorite cropped jeans, and pair them with tights, a full skirt, and a cute cropped sweater when the temp hits 40 degrees. (June Resale, 3406 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis.)

What’s eco-wool? Basically growers agree to not use pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or other nasty items during the wool making process. It sounds awesome, and this Kordal Studio fringed sweater from Hazel & Rose is equally awesome. It’s ideal for lazy days when you just wanna wear leggings and a sweater and your go-to sneakers, but it can also be dressed up for work or an event with a sequined, sparkly skirt. (Hazel & Rose, 945 Broadway St. NE, Minneapolis.)


I haven’t bought clothes from Target in a long time, but that all changed when I checked out their new A New Day line. I’ve been living in the black cropped crepe pants I bought a few weeks ago for just $27, and I’m happy to report that they held up just fine after a wash cycle, too. The new stuff is beyond cute, and just trendy enough to feel unique and customizable. The shoes are cute too, just don’t buy all the pumps in a 7.5, okay? (Target, literally everywhere)


It's Friday and we're keeping the 70's vibes rolling with this ultra soft velvet jumpsuit.

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Two words: Velvet. Jumpsuit. Helloooooo, new staple piece! This jumpsuit from Cliché hits all the fall checkpoints: It’s not too heavy, and it’s super easy to layer up. (Try a slim turtleneck underneath, or pair it with a scarf and your favorite jacket.) Plus, if it’s 45 degrees when you walk to your car or bus stop but 75 degrees when you leave work, you can easily shed the layers and rock bare arms so you don’t sweat to death. Fall is beautiful, but it can be tricky! (Cliché, 2403 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis.)