360* Fashion Show features clothes for all shapes, sizes, and abilities

Lindsey Morrison in Mikaela Harrod's design.

Lindsey Morrison in Mikaela Harrod's design. Photo by Fred Sobottka

You won’t see a promenade of stick-thin bodies walking precariously in high heels at Living Icons: The Third Annual 360* Fashion Show.

Instead, the fashion celebration, now in its third year, features people with all types of bodies wearing clothes that support their natural movement rather than constricting them.

The event is put on by the Center for Moving Cultures, a fledgling nonprofit that incorporated about three years ago. “We advocate for the moving, touching body,” says Lelis Brito, its founding director.

With 360* Fashion, the group investigates what “our moving body has to do with culture,” Brito says. One of the most intimate situations our bodies deal with is the clothes we wear, after all.

“If you start with the idea that all bodies can move, not just certain bodies,” Brito says, “you change the focus to the actual person and they decide what makes them beautiful.”

In most fashion design, the designer creates pieces with a drawing pad and then shows up before the show to put the designs on the models. With 360* Fashion, “we start with the models,” Brito says.

For this years’ production, director Nico Swenson workshopped with the models on how they liked to move. They also worked to create a safe space, with additional education around body image. From there, designers collaborated with the models to see how they move, and to get to know them, so the designs are centered around the person who will be wearing the clothing.

What’s nice about centering the models in the work is that they aren't just serving as some kind of uniform canvas. “We’re helping people to express themselves,” Swenson says.

Participants include people who have modeled before, those who are interested in creating fashion design, and performers and dancers. There's also a pretty wide range of different gender identities, body sizes, and abilities.


Living Icons: The Third Annual 360* Fashion Show

1 and 7 p.m. Sunday

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theater

1500 E. Lake St., Minneapolis

$20 and up suggested donation