3 free things to do this week, from space tacos to queer bombs


This week in free stuff to do we have a taco in outer space, political print art, and a top-secret queer beer party. Come take a look and plan your week!

World Premiere Project Stratosbeer Video Release Party

(Nomad World Pub, 501 Cedar Ave., Minneapolis; 612-338-6424)

PBR recently teamed up with Taco Cat to put a beer and a taco into space. This Wednesday, they'll be airing footage of the launch, which traveled across at least two states, and drinking. Beer specials will abound, and the screening will be followed by a rock 'n' roll jam from the likes of the Sex Rays, the Violent Shifters, and Mad Dogs of Glory. They will also be selling patches celebrating the project for $5 (see above). 7 p.m. Wednesday.

Ruthann Godollei: Dissent


(Concordia Gallery, 1301 Marshall Ave., St. Paul; 651-641-8278)

Local artist Ruthann Godollei explores power structures through print work. This includes power in politics, in consumer culture, and in communities. She frequently employs text in her art, as well as everyday objects and structures. Her new exhibition, "Dissent," runs in conjunction with Godollei's Wanted: A Wishlist from the Greenline Community, where volunteers interview subjects in hopes of finding greater understanding of what makes a healthy community. Thursday 5 to 7 p.m.

Flip Phone Queer Bomb: Brewery


Do you like beer? Do you like spreading merriment with your fellow LGBTQ friends? Queer Bomb is back this week and turning up at a sudsy spot. Here's how it's done: Fellow bombers sign up for the event via email here, then they are notified of a meeting spot 24 hours before things go down. Once you are at the rendezvous location, look for a rainbow light saber to find the group, and get ready to share a pint with your fellow bombers and new friends. Judging by the name of this invite, we're guessing a brew pub might be getting some glittery love, but you never know with Queer Bomb, so you'll have to sign up to find out. 7:30 to 10 p.m. Thursday.