2014 Fringe issues record amount of tickets

Hi! Hello! Namaste? was the top-selling show in the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival.
Hi! Hello! Namaste? was the top-selling show in the 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival.
Image courtesy Minnesota Fringe Festival

The 2014 Minnesota Fringe Festival turned out to be the most popular in the event's history.

All told, 50,226 tickets were issued. That's about 200 more than 2013, and four more than the previous high mark in 2010. An average of 57 people were at each performance, though that number changed wildly depending on the venue and piece being presented, of course.

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Working out revenue is a more complex task, as the Fringe offers a number of ways for people to pay, from individual tickets to multi-show passes. Between 65 and 70 percent of the revenues are paid out to the various producers of Fringe shows. Last year, nearly $250,000 was distributed to the artists.

There were plenty of hot tickets for the festival, with a number of shows having multiple sell outs. Into the Unreal City topped this chart with 11, which meant the entire run of the site-specific work was sold out. Then again, attendance was limited to 20 for each performance of this musical walking tour.

Another site-specific work, Live Action Set's Crime and Punishment, sold out eight performances. The demented, fun show in the basement of the Soap Factory also sold the fifth most tickets for any show.

For potential Fringe producers looking for clues to what packs 'em in (one thought: a confessional storytelling show featuring extensive dance breaks and pop songs), here are the top 10 shows by ticket sales from 2014:

1. Hi! Hello! Namaste? (Bollywood Dance Scene - Twin Cities) 2. Fotis Canyon (The Importance of Being Fotis) 3. Mainly Me Productions' Our American Assassin; or You Can't Handle the Booth! (Malcolm & Jorge) 4. Top Gun: The Musical (Rooftop Theatre Company) 5. Crime and Punishment (Live Action Set) 6. Four Humors Does Every Show in the Fringe (Four Humors) 7. Failure: A Love Story (Campbell Productions) 8. CIRCULATE (Guittar Productions) 9. Marie-Jeanne Valet Who Defeated La Bete du Gevaudan (Sandbox Theatre) 10. A Very Merry Unauthorized Children's Scientology Pageant (The Catalysts)

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