'2011/2012 Jerome Emerging Artists Exhibition' opens at MCAD

Pixelated Bromide Sequins by Richard Barlow 
Pixelated Bromide Sequins by Richard Barlow 
Photo by Richard Barlow

Last Friday, the "2011/12 Jerome Emerging Artists Exhibition" held its opening reception. The show features the work of Richard Barlow, Gregory Euclide, Lauren Herzak-Bauman, Alison Hiltner, and Jehra Patrick. When displayed together, their works create a varied show that at times basks in introspective serenity and at times pounces with flair.

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Gregory Euclide presents a number of relief pieces, creating little miniature worlds made of an assortment of synthetic and organic materials. His three-dimensional landscapes are in some ways realistic, and can make your head spin from their skewed perspectives. It's as if Euclide is actually M.C. Escher reincarnated, although he uses more color, and materials like hostas, foam, moss, and waxed thread.
Wild & Away series, Gregory Euclide 
Wild & Away series, Gregory Euclide 

Jehra Patrick plays with double vision in her work. When first viewed her pieces, which use diluted colors, almost seem to disappear. There's definitely an abstraction happening in many of them, although there are elements that can be assumed to come from real life: a stepladder, a doorway, the view from a plane. The piece that stands out is Old Masters, Flemish, 1929-Van Goyen/ de Heere, where two pieces are piled on top of each other: a portrait of some 17th-century queen in back, a pastoral landscape in front. It calls to mind an over-stuffed album of photos stacked in no particular order. But in this case, they happen to be great masterpieces.

Patrick appears to be making a comment about not seeing; about things of beauty that are just in view, but somehow out of sight. That gives a key to examining the rest of the work, as all of her pieces suggests moments of beauty that you might only see in your peripheral vision, or that you wouldn't necessarily notice unless you were very in tune with the world around you. 

Richard Barlow's work, like Patrick's, utilizes a minimalist palette. His rust drawings depict woodsy scenes and lakes. They're interesting, but his Pixelated Bromide Sequins is so fabulous, it literally outshines them. Here, Barlow has created a huge landscape of gold sequins, which, like the rust drawings, show a forest setting. What's amazing is that they actually reflect on the floor, creating this beautiful double image that goes well with Patrick's work. 

by Lauren Herzak-Bauman
by Lauren Herzak-Bauman

Alison Hiltner has a wonderfully strange installation built in a tiny dark room full of moving lights. It's easy to imagine that it could be an exhibit at the Science Museum, as there's a telescope-looking object that invites you to peer inside at the wonder she has created (it also has an ominous orange parachute hovering over it, as if it's some kind of UFO). 

Also showing in the exhibition is Lauren Herzak-Bauman's sculptural installation created from shattered bits of porcelain with spurts of black ash, cords, and plugs transformed into a theatrical set that unfortunately got lost during the opening reception, but probably has a better affect if you are to visit during open hours.


"2011/2012 Jerome Emerging Artists Exhibition"
MCAD Gallery
Through Tuesday, November 6
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2501 Stevens Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404



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