2010 in review at Salon Saloon

​Tomorrow night Salon Saloon will commemorate the past 365 days in their December installment. Here, they will be saluting 2010's creative highlights with some of their favorite guests at their year-in-review show at Bryant-Lake Bowl. 

Host Andy Sturdevant and guests will take you back through what they are calling the United Nation's International Year of Biodiversity. It should be an entertaining one, boasting an evening that will touch on the year's artistic crowning moments without even mentioning one single thing about Sarah Palin--and that's a promise.

Tuesday's art and cultural review will take place in its customary talk show/salon style, highlighting local artists, designers, and performers that were particularly interesting at past salon shows in 2010.

The unpredictable conversation about creative life in the Twin Cities will feature Museum of Russian Art curator Masha Zaviolova, published author and blogger Anne Ursu, and artist Megan Vossler, who's drawings are exhibited at the MIA and the Soap Factory, among others.

The Salon Saloon review of 2010 also will include critic Peter Schilling, Mike Haeg (a.k.a., the mayor of Mt. Holly), novelist Geoff Herback, and special guest via telephone on his 29th birthday, Nate Sturdevant.

The Salon Saloon house band will also be on hand, and the interactive evening will begin at 7 p.m. at Bryant-Lake Bowl. Tickets range from $6 to $12, and are based on a pay-what-you-can range.