20 Things To Do in the Twin Cities Before You Turn 30

Forget about the teen years being an awkward time. For many, that awkward phase goes right on through the 20s. It's an age where you try (and fail at) new things, take risks, and make a fool of yourself. It's an age where it's still socially acceptable to binge drink, to dress in ridiculous outfits, and to bend the rules a little bit.

In honor of the Twin Cities being a great place for singles and young people, we've compiled a list of 20 things you should consider experiencing before you turn 30. Have fun, and bring bail money.

1. Attend a Zombie Pub Crawl in an awesome costume (or at least make a nice group effort).

The crowds, the mess, the logistics of finding a bathroom. Zombie Pub Crawl is a blast, but it's much easier to overlook the inconveniences if you're under 30. Enjoy it while you can.

2. Get wrecked at the Red Dragon on two Wondrous Punches.

The Red Dragon's signature drink, the Wondrous Punch, is a punch (to the head) that makes Long Island Iced Teas look tame. For less than three drinks, you'll be feeling no pain... until tomorrow.


3. Have at least one epic bike night where you travel all over town with a group of friends and don't get home until 4 a.m.

You thought you were going to a friend's house for a quiet evening. Instead, you ended up riding through what feels like most of Minneapolis with a group of six on a night filled with cans of beer (kept in a friend's backpack), snack stops at Super America, a random outdoor concert, a trip to the park, a dip in the lake, and a few wrong turns down trails. It was epic.

4. Wander through Sex World at 11 p.m. while your friend hits up the ATM.

Your friend needs cash, and you need to look at dildos and sex cakes.

5. Stealthily smoke weed at Hidden Beach... then realize you don't need to be stealth.

It is what it is, but folks don't really care if you want to blaze one up on the beach. (At least for now.)

6. See a show at an underground venue.

Basement ragers are hot, smelly, messy, and sometimes kind of gross. They are also often pretty awesome, and should be experienced at least once (you can always take a shower tomorrow, and BYOB). 

7. End the night at Toppers on Lyndale.

Order the cheese sticks, sit at the table that faces the window, and yell and wave at the drunk people who walk by. Bonus points if you stop at the Super America nearby for Gaterade, smokes, and Doritos on the way home (tomorrow's breakfast, obviously).

8. Go skinny dipping in a lake at midnight on a hot summer evening.

Whether you just finished taking in an outdoor music fest, a free movie screening at the Harriet Bandshell, or just feel rowdy after drinks in Uptown, grab some friends or lovers, head over to a nearby lake, and take it all off. Refreshing!

9. Celebrate your birthday at the Wild Onion.


Free booze will always be a novelty, but you can only get away with being super drunk when you're young. Bring four friends to the Wild Onion in St. Paul on the week of your birthday, and you will drink for free. Try not to end the night with barfing. Seriously.


10. Ride the Giant Penis at the Gay 90's or at Sex World (bonus points if you are part of a bachelor/bachelorette party).

Make sure someone takes pics and posts them on Facebook. You're welcome, grandma.

11. Do the St. Paul or the Minneapolis St. Pat's Day downtown bar crawl.

Come for the parade, stay for the brew. Jam-packed bars serving green beer is a scene best enjoyed when you're young. For an even better time, take the bus for free and revel in the drunken spectacle. Just make sure you get off at the right stop.

12. Make a new friend at the VFW during karaoke night, and buy them a shot.

There are many friends to meet and make on any given night. Chat up a smoker outside, invite someone to sit at your booth, or simply salute your favorite singer.


  1. Forget to pay a tab at a bar.

You partied so hard that you forgot to tie up lose ends before heading home. Congrats. You're an idiot. Now it's time to head over to last night's crime scene to settle up with your waiter. Be a class act now that it's daylight and give them a mega-tip.

14. Show up in full-on cosplay at a Con or geek event.

You can cosplay at any age and look great, but there's something super special about doing it when you're younger. Also, pleather superhero suits only get harder to pull off the older you get. Just sayin'.

15. Participate in at least one nearly nude public activity.

You can choose your own adventure, but we recommend the Cupid Undie Run (if you're sporty and willing to brave the cold), the No Pants Light Rail ride (if you like public spectacle but flash mobs aren't your thing), or the Freedom from Pants Fourth of July bike ride (for hipsters and friendly bike geeks).

16. Drink a beer while sitting on a couch on someone's lawn during a parade or street festival.


It's like Grand Old Day is in your living room.

17. Watch a midnight movie at the Uptown Theatre while blazed (bonus points if it's a secret screening).

It's late, you're high, and The Muppet Movie/The Room/Moulin Rouge is on the big screen. Sounds like a chill way to end an evening.

18. Have at least one night where you end up drunk at Mickey's Diner way after last call (you should also do this with the Uptown Diner).

You know you're living fast and young when your evening ends with breakfast.

19. Live in south Minneapolis.Whether you find the best place/lowest rent in the Wedge, Lyn-Lake, or Uptown neighborhood you'll probably remember the apartment and the neighborhood shenanigans with affection... even if giving a strange crying girl on your patio a ride, calling the cops on a shouting match, having the ceiling cave in while showering was hella-stressful at the time. 20. Spend at least six months without a car.Not only will it save you lots of money, but knowing the best bike and bus routes will come in handy for as long as you live in the Twin Cities. It will also increase your respect and appreciation for what cyclists and bus drivers deal with day-to-day while commuting.