1,000-ft. water slide to save the Iron Range

Look at that beautiful thing

Look at that beautiful thing Slide the City

 ... from lack of slippin', slidin', summertime FUN! 

That's right, folks: A 1,000-foot water slide is coming to the Iron Range city of Chisholm, Minnesota, on August 5. 

The cost? $20 for three runs or $50 for an all-day pass. The potential for fun in the sun? High. 

Unlike Wham-O Inc.'s classic/painful backyard Slip’N Slide, this super-sized slide requires riders to zoom down atop inflatable tubes. If you're under 5 years old or shorter than 46 inches, thank you for your continued support of City Pages. But we have some bad news: You'll not be able to ride the slide :-( 

In addition to blasting down Lake Street, attendees can enjoy food, music, and vendors. 

The event serves as a fundraiser for the Chisholm Community Foundation; Slide the City -- a Utah-based company that travels the country spreading the gospel of water slides -- somewhat ironically advocates for water conservation

Chisholm is about three hours north of the Twin Cities.