10 words to summarize Minneapolis biking

Samples of Bike Wisdom from the new NYT map project
Samples of Bike Wisdom from the new NYT map project

Minneapolis bike pride strikes again, this time in the form of a New York Times online forum entitled "Your Biking Wisdom in 10 Words."

The project aims to collect and share rider advice on biking where they live in 10 words or less. The website is now open for submissions from riders around the nation. Minneapolis is one of only 16 cities featured on the Bike Wisdom map, and already boasts dozens of tips from the surrounding metro area. SEE ALSO: Bike to dinner: St. Paul edition Summer cycling: A road trip for beginners

Each submission is posted on the interactive Biking Wisdom map, with a geo-tag and date, offering neighborhood-specific advice for the city's bicyclists.

Most posts seem to gush about their favorite Minneapolis bike routes:

  • "Endless, beautiful riding in heart of uptown" at Midtown Greenway - Chain of Lakes
    • "Excellent new amenities, 3 levels of trail riding" at Johnny Cake Ridge Road
      • "Great bike lanes to and from downtown Minneapolis"
        • "Bike friendly, local businesses and bars. Great for a rest." at 13th Avenue Northeast

          While a few others offered words of caution:

          • "Watch out for parsnip in the fall- Toxic!" at Henn Parks Road
            • "Wind at your back? Hiawatha best. Wind in front? Avoid." at Hiawatha Avenue
              • "Watch out of wedding parties and unsuspecting pedestrians" at Central Avenue Southeast

                However, the Minneapolis share of bike wisdom does seem to follow one overarching theme: No matter where or how, everyone in the Twin Cities should simply get out and bike their streets.

                • "Bicycle trails are good; use them whenever possible."

                  To check out the map, or to submit some wisdom yourself, click here.

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