10 Most expensive vintage concert T-shirts on eBay

Devil horns: instant badassedness

Devil horns: instant badassedness

Hardcore music purists might say it's lame to wear a  concert tee from a show you didn't attend, but there's really no debate if you can get your grubby little mitts on one that's five decades old and a part of music history. There's really only one rule when it comes to such wearable art in all its musty splendor, which is that you should actually enjoy the band whose name is fanned across your chest. No one likes an asshole in an "ironic" Spice Girls world tour tee. (Motto to live by, really.)

So how do you find these geriatric gems? They're usually acquired three ways -- by a miracle thrift store find, hand-me-down, or eBay.  There, at the holy grail of Internet shopping, you'll find hundreds of incredible listings of old band t-shirts, and it's those in the never-worn vintage category and the worn-for-30-lifetimes category that will cost you a good portion of your paycheck (at least).  We'll show you 10 of those baffling finds now, so hold on to your wallets.


10. Michael Jackson Thriller baseball shirt: $1,000

Want. Want it now. At this price it's gonna end up on Miley Cyrus, I just know it.

9.  New York Dolls album shirt (1973): $2,500


Williamsburg hipsters would be clamoring for this hot number if they didn't spend all their beer money on coke and Spice Girls tour t-shirts.  

8. Iron Maiden 1980 British tour shirt: $1,050

I dunno man, do you really want to run around professing your love for the Maiden? It might get you laid in a biker bar but you'd better be ready to back up your style choice with some hardcore Iron clad factoids. I'd sooner be seen rocking Def Leppard bike shorts. We like this Rolling Stones shirt instead, priced at a totally affordable $1,050.

7. David Bowie 1976 film shirt: $2,000

Impromptu friend survey says this one's overpriced. I wouldn't snub it at a local thrift shop for $50, but there are way cooler old Bowie shirts on eBay, including one where he's Jareth, which would make for a magical bedtime shirt. #itsonlyforever

6. The Runaways 1977 tour shirt: $2,000

Now we're talking. Pair this one with leopard leggings or ripped jeans and some badass motorcyle boots and you're ready to rock. Or, you know, just sit and home and take FB pics in it.


5. Pink Floyd 1971 Relics album shirt: $3,000

A shirt only a dedicated fan could love? Your vote, plz.

4. The Who 1973 staff shirt: $6,000


Remember the ugly Ole & Lena cartoon where if you turned it upside down it showed a beautiful lady instead? Apparently she is from the Chi.

3.  Led Zeppelin 1979 Knebworth concert shirt: $10,000

This reminded me of a TV studio's logo from the 90s, like something you'd see after the credits rolled on 90210 or something. LZ Knebworth -- sounds like he might be Jay Z's butler? OK I'll stop now. Zeppelin forever.



2. Woodstock 1969 festival shirt: $10,000 (on 'sale' for $7K)


This one is quite impressive, no? The only thing I thought was kind of bunk about it is that it looks (in the pic) like something you could buy at JCPenney in the trendy section.

  1. The Beatles 1966 Butcher cover t-shirt: $20,000

Interesting this pic was taken on asphalt because it looks like a garbage truck just ran it over about twelve hundred times. The seller on this item says she got it from someone who claimed it was given to him by John Lennon himself, which totally reminds me of that time I got a hairless cat from the Dalai Lama because he saw my tweet about having allergies. No big deal.

Editor's note: Want to find some more affordable, perhaps more colorful vintage band tees? Just go to eBay and search "vintage concert shirt" and in the lefthand navigation hit "vintage."