Confessions of a lady cab driver

Twin Cities-based cabbie Chey Eisenman talks death and taxis and everything in between

I once had a $20-a-day customer who earned her living by strutting in six-inch heels into the spank banks of frat boys, bachelor parties, lonely men, and sometimes women. I would pick her up at home and drop her off at work, with a designated pickup time.

One warm September day I received a call on what was supposed to be her day off. I retrieved her from a new address and took her to work. She was much quieter than normal. I would soon learn why.

Over the next few days, this $20-a-day customer blossomed into a $150-a-day customer. I kept getting calls to shuttle her from one motel to the next. Her gangbanger boyfriend told me that they were thinking of moving to Florida or Chicago, and wondered if I would take them there. Had I hit the cabbie jackpot!?

Chey Eisenman began driving a cab when she lost her two jobs, but not her bills
E. Katie Holm
Chey Eisenman began driving a cab when she lost her two jobs, but not her bills
E. Katie Holm

My wheels started spinning, trying to do the mental math of this payday. But they were obviously running from something — either the cops or worse.

The thought of becoming Defendant Chey, getaway driver, was less than appealing. I soon realized he was likely on the run from a murder that occurred that late September day on the East Side of St. Paul. But there was nothing in the news about him being wanted. No cops had reached out to me. So I kept driving.

Three months later, police caught up with the couple at a Bloomington hotel. The stripper had gone silent, and on a hunch I called local jails until I found them.

He'd been booked on murder, she for aiding and abetting.

The fisherwoman's primitive approach to romance

You have probably gleaned that cab drivers deal with a lot of shit and a lot of shitty people. Most of my customers are truly awesome human beings who spoil me rotten, but there are some who have no sense of boundaries, respect, or basic human decency.

One Friday night, as I pulled up to Kellogg Square to drop off one of my regulars, I noticed some riff-raff hanging out at the bus stop. They saw me arrive and jumped into the cab before my customer had a chance to pay. I knew it would be more work to remove them than to take their funky five-dollar fare.

My heart sank when one climbed into the front seat. Fuck. She gave me that look that said she wanted to mess with me, how I wasn't sure. One block into the ride, her intentions became clear.

The bitch shoved her hand up my skirt, making it past my panty line, her fingers fishing. I froze, then reacted in my best scary cabbie voice: "Get your effing hands off me!"

"You keep yo' eyes on da road," she responded. "I do what I want."

Um, no? I wanted to choke this bitch, backhand her, and dump her in the river. But it's not in my nature to react physically. The more pissed I got, the more aroused she became. She leaned back in the seat and began assaulting her own vagina, saying, "Look at you and your bad self driving this taxi."

I considered calling 911, but imagined being the fodder of morning radio shows. They say you should pick your battles, and this woman wasn't worth one.

We arrived at the destination before she had a chance to finish herself off. I barked for the $7.50 fare. After pooling their resources, they came up with a grand total of six bucks. I snatched their $6 and moved on with my life.

A few blocks later, I heard a phone ringing and a short burst of rap music. I looked to the floor, realizing I was staring karma in the face in the form of a Walmart flip phone. The fisherwoman had forgotten it.

I drove around all night with that phone ringing. Had it been any other passenger, I would have promptly returned it. But this wasn't any passenger.

I thought back to the woman who had lost her daughter and been betrayed by her husband. I thought about why people would share such powerful and personal stories with me, while others wouldn't hesitate to rob me, assault me, or even use my cab to run from a murder.

This is why, as the economy rebounded, I focused on growing a customer pipeline that would distance me from all that makes a driving cab hard work. I'd rather drive someone from Rochester to the airport than drive around murderers. These days I mostly drive good people and their cleaner money.

Around 3 a.m., I made a decision. If I couldn't have the satisfaction of knowing that the woman who had assaulted me would wash up on the banks of the Mississippi next spring, I would do the next best thing.

I pulled over on the Wakota Bridge, got out of my cab, and walked to the railing. The phone was still ringing as I looked out over the Mississippi. I threw it over the edge, watching it sail through the night, plummeting into the water below.

The satisfying splash told me that, in some small way, I had won.

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Thanks for the information! I've always been lucky to find awesome cab drivers like yourself. I actually really enjoy riding in cabs. I love talking to taxi drivers. It's nice getting to know new people!


I was just wondering where I could get the "gangbanger" detector this racist cab driver must have had in order to be able to tell if someone is in a gang or not. Or is "gangbanger" code for something the target market of Citypages gets. When speaking of her $20 a day customer, she put no label on her (gangbanger, riff-raff, thug,ect...) I bet she was white. (Or maybe it's because the use of a taxi in prostitution is prohibited. So is asking to be paid up front.)Fwd Fwd Fwd


The article was riveting. I hope to read more by Eisenman in the future!


These are great stories and you have good writing skills. But I have to ask:

You were worried about making rent, yet you still bought a "brand new" Primp purse and considered "$75 moisturizer, $28 mascara, $30 hand cream, $25 lip gloss, $30 Apple earbuds, etc." to be "daily essentials?"

If you lived with a bit of frugality, you wouldn't have to drive a cab! Of course, if you enjoy the risk, by all means drive a cab and keep telling stories. 

But if you'd like a more leisurely, less risky job, check out the mister money mustache blog. If nothing else you'll enjoy his writing style, which is similar to yours.


sweetliberty17761776 topcommenter


so you cant really be sure if she is racist

but for a fact you are as you state "bet she was white" 

the article tells you

get a clue 

if you dont like stereotypes stop supporting them


@ryanflanders No kidding..most cabbies I know can barely pa their lease let alone afford high=priced items.  



The author, who is an excellent writer, listed $158 of beauty products in an expensive bag. Below I've listed the same products for a total of $22. If this is a monthly purchase, the yearly cost is $1896 vs $264.

How many cab fares does it take to make up the difference of $1632? That doesn't even require "going without" these "essentials", it just means selecting more affordable products.

Boy, do I feel like an idiot for making a friendly suggesting that could improve a person's lifestyle and save them $16,320 over ten years (not even accounting for compound interest).

$8 moisturizer:

$5 mascara:

$4 hand cream:

$5 lip gloss:


The woman was sexually assaulted while at work, but by all means focus on the important things like how much her moisturizer cost.


@ryanflanders @sillyboys this was my immediate thought as well. i am a female, and i make over $80K annually. i buy Olay from Costco in a 2-pack because it is cheaper than Target and use the free mascara i get in my Clinique bonuses. i also don't have an iPhone. all of these seem totally unnecessary and point to a major issue with overconsumption and gluttony in america.


@MakeItSo  please tone down the drama, not a single person discounted the fact that this happened to her.

however, if I were so concerned with my safety, I sure as hell wouldn't be carrying hundreds of dollars of products on the seat of my vehicle. and as ryan says below, if life is so difficult, why in the world are you spending so irresponsibly?


@MakeItSo Of course we don't want our dear author to get robbed and sexually assaulted. Frugality is very relevant to the discussion. If she limited her overspending, she would have the option of working a less risky job.

The photo cultine reads "Chey Eisenman began driving a cab when she lost her two jobs, but not her bills."

We are merely suggesting that scaling back some of her bills would allow her to choose a safer occupation.


@NoMoreGasthof @MakeItSo I'm not being dramatic. I may have used the oh-so-dramatic-phrase "sexually assaulted" for flair(and accuracy), but really, I just think it's ridiculous that someone read that entire piece and the thing they felt was worth criticizing was the cost of her personal products, as if that had anything to do with anything. It was such an off-hand comment in her story that to bring it up in the comments is missing the point.

She already is a cab driver, this stuff already happened to her, and from what I read, she's already in a place where she has built up a better clientele. These are merely her stories as a cab driver. She sounds smart and okay with her decisions, so to hit her with the frugality-slap seems rude and dismissive.


@MakeItSo @NoMoreGasthof again - you clearly miss the entire point. she ended up in a risky job that caused her to be in a situation where robbery, assault, etc. were a reality. if she wanted to be in a less risky job and climb out of the hole more quickly, she wouldn't spend so irresponsibly. if you don't think this is a major point of the article, and as i mentioned, a major issue in our society, then you need to do some soul searching. it's like people who buy electronics or gym memberships but not medications for their kids. they're out there, and it effects all of us as a society.


@NoMoreGasthof @MakeItSo No, you miss the point you fucking smug libertarian nazi cocksucker.  She lost her jobs, and that does NOT mean she made a bad decision, it means her fucking libertarian nazi fucking BOSSES fucked up and couldn't afford her plus their three houses and six cars and month long vacations anymore.  It's moralizing fucks like you that should be dropped by cabbies on the side of the freeway, or better yet in the middle of fucking no where in sub zero weather, and then you can use your "superior intellect and moral instincts" to figure out how to survive.