Heyday and the new face of New American dining

The Lyn-Lake eatery is the Ocean's Eleven of restaurants

Like the stylist who barbers go to see when they need a new 'do, Heyday will likely be one of those restaurants where chefs, line cooks, and bartenders will go to eat and drink. So it's good news for them (and for us laypeople) that Heyday has a pretty killer little late-night menu. When dinner service ends around 10 p.m., swing into the big beautiful bar side of the restaurant, recall that it was, incredibly, once a laundromat, and order up rich chicken liver mousse on grilled sourdough toast for $7, house-made cheese crisps with caramelized onion dip for $3, or partake in the ritual of staff meal (right now it's kimchi fried rice topped with a poached egg) for $9.

If you like to eat simply but adventurously, think a good cocktail should not cost $14, appreciate fine product showcased in really well-executed dishes, and like to dine in jeans and sneaks, consider Heyday your El Dorado. For our money, it's a strong contender, if not the frontrunner, for best new restaurant of the year so far. Keep in mind that it's only May, but also just think what this means when they start serving brunch, which we have on good authority will be before the end of this summer.

Sherry-steamed clams
Alma Guzman for City Pages
Sherry-steamed clams

Location Info



2700 Lyndale Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Category: Restaurant > American

Region: Uptown/ Eat Street


2700 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis
612-200-9369; heydayeats.com
Menu items $8-$23

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