Spinning Stories

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Recovery Bike Shop

2504 Central Ave. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Category: Retail

Region: Northeast Minneapolis

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All bicyclists have their own stories from the battlefield. That time you almost got doored. That time you did get doored, and have the false teeth to prove it. The adventure rides, the chance encounters, and the beautiful sights. Spinning Stories is the place where participants will revel in the world of cycling, all while riding on bikes at "muppet speed" (a.k.a. casually slow). It's a storytelling event and a slow-paced sight-seeing bike ride all in one, and you just might ride to the spots where the stories take place for full effect. Storytellers include Tristan Jimerson, Amy Salloway, and others. Check your tire pressure and head out into the fresh air for some storycycling fun. To reserve your spot, or if you've got your own story to tell, contact Amy Salloway at amysalloway.com.
Sun., May 25, noon, 2014
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