Zorongo Flamenco Dance Theatre: ConVivir

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The gritty and passionate dance form flamenco meets messages of peace and tolerance in this multicultural performance. Inspired by a golden age of forbearance in Spain when Jews, Muslims, and Christians coexisted in relative peace, if not total harmony, "ConVivir" intertwines flamenco with hip-hop and Sephardic and Arabic music and dance. Poetry, legend, and present-day imagery suffuse seven visceral meditations on religious tolerance. An international array of guest artists include David Jordan Harris and Judith Brin Ingber (Sephardic music and dance), Tim O'Keefe (Middle East and African hand drumming), Amir-John Haddad (a flamenco guitarist who also plays the oud and bazouki), Arcadi Marin (flamenco guitar), José Salinas (flamenco singer), Antonio Arrebola (contemporary/flamenco dancer), and Craig Harris (visual artist, composer). At the molten core of "ConVivir" is Susana di Palma and her vibrant ensemble, Zorongo Flamenco. Temperatures will rise. (Photo by Eric Saulitis)
April 4-5, 8 p.m.; Sun., April 6, 2 p.m., 2014
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