Black Label Movement

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Black Label Movement is a two-headed beast. On the one hand, director and choreographer Carl Flink explores highly emotional subjects, like the fate of people trapped in a sinking ship or the perils of war. On the other, he teams up with scientists to create TED Talks that have gone viral on the internet. This concert rears both heads, and showcases the combination of feral physicality, intelligence, and formal elegance that has made Flink's choreography so appealing to so many. A new work, "Hive,"explores the dynamics of bees within a hive. Other works include a re-staging of his antiwar eulogy "Lost Lullabies," and his autobiographical "A Fractured Narrative of a Sad Ending." In addition, there will be a live performance of BLM's 2012 TED Talk, "Let's Talk About Sex," created with Science Magazine correspondent and Dance Your Ph.D contest founder John Bohannon, with live music by local musicians Jello Slave performing their original score. (Photo by James Duncan Davidson)
March 27-29, 8 p.m., 2014