Kyatchi strikes out and hits some home runs

From baseball to sushi, this new Japanese eatery blends East and West with mixed results

Dessert was more creative and thoughtful than one expects from a typical sushi or Izakaya restaurant. The black sesame butterscotch pudding was smooth and well balanced, but would benefit if the black sesame flavor came through in anything other than the pudding's color. Green tea-dusted mini donuts were a fun, tart take on the carnival classic and were made fresh to order, but lacked that melt-in-the-mouth lightness of perfectly fried dough.

Residents in this neck of the woods are bearing witness to the revival of 38th and Nicollet. This intersection has always been flush with great dining options, from Blackbird to Cocina Latina, but with the arrival of Kyatchi, a new energy is coursing through it. With some fine-tuning, this could be the new go-to spot for responsible, sustainable sushi and seafood, or for hotdogs and happy hour. Or both.

Kyatchi's Battera
Alma Guzman for City Pages
Kyatchi's Battera
Alma Guzman for City Pages


KYATCHI 3758 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis 612-236-4429; kyatchi.comsmall plates $5-$13; rolls & bowls $4-$16

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