50 things to do in the Twin Cities before you die

Your Twin Cities bucket list from lawn bowling to parades

2. Bike the entire greenway. Connecting Minneapolis's Chain of Lakes to the western suburbs, the Minneapolis Greenway is a beautiful trail created to help the Twin Cities celebrate its obsession with biking. Open year round, the Greenway runs through the heart of the metro and is used by hundreds of runners, walkers, and cyclists each day. It's only 5.5 miles. You can do it!

May Day Parade
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May Day Parade

1. Watch a local act headline First Avenue. First Avenue may get some major talent through its doors, but watching a local band headline the star-covered venue for the first time is always a special treat. Minnesota's bustling music scene provides plenty of opportunity, and there's nothing like watching someone fulfill a lifelong dream. Earlier this year, local singer-songwriter Caroline Smith, playing to a packed house, opened her very first headlining show with a very appropriate "Holy Fuck!"

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