10 movies to see in 2014

Films to look for in the coming year, from blockbusters to indie flicks

10. Beware the Night (directed by Scott Derrickson)

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Photo by Martin Scali
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Scott Derrickson may be the most consistently undervalued director working in Hollywood today. He made a legitimately good direct-to-video horror sequel with Hellraiser: Inferno. He remade Day the Earth Stood Still and didn't botch it. He even made exorcism movies cool again with The Exorcism of Emily Rose. And last year he delivered one of the most sophisticated and satisfying horror films in recent memory with Sinister, which as far as I'm concerned makes whatever he's working on next a must-see. In this case it's Beware the Night, a crime thriller starring Eric Bana. Time to get excited.

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MNjoe topcommenter

Richard Ayoade was hilarious in The IT Crowd. Looking forward to The Double.  The negative commenters on here should turn off Duck Dynasty and The Kardashians for a few minutes and see what else is out there.

MicheleBachmann topcommenter

Who wrote this list?  Pretentious hipster douche no doubt.  

ajlalk3 topcommenter

Couldn't fit all 10 on one page?