Soups to get you through the winter

Twin Cities slurpers that will chase away the cold

Avgolemono at Christos, $5.35

Though warm and filling, this Greek soup looks forward to spring with all its lemony zestiness and is traditionally served at Easter. It uses whole eggs (and usually a few extra yolks for richness and color), which are emulsified in lemon juice, much like the process of making Hollandaise sauce — sort of what avgolemono tastes like, in fact. The soup is further thickened with a scoop of rice and begs for a plate of Christos's freshly made pita bread. If you want to continue the custard-y trend through to dessert, get the Galaktoboureko — a nutmeg-flecked custard-y cousin of baklava that's wrapped in flaked phyllo and drizzled with honey.

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I am sure these are all delicious.. but nothing can beat the Pho or the mexican counterpart Sopa Del Rez - which is rare, but if you find it, it is delicious.  It is a beef based broth with rice, veggies and roast beef and comes with fresh cilantro, jalapenos and corn tortillas.