Enlightened eating at Eat Street Buddha Kitchen

The new Asian eatery boosts Nicollet's culinary clout

A more than worthy replacement for Azia, its Asian fusion predecessor, Eat Street Buddha Kitchen is most certainly the only place on Nicollet, and maybe in all of the Twin Cities, where on any given Sunday you can go and get stellar French toast while your friend orders equally good sushi. Maybe you never knew you wanted that all in one restaurant, but it's amazing what the power of suggestion will do to diversify your appetite. Even more amazing is how ESBK's house bloody Mary will kick-start your Sunday, simultaneously waking you up and mellowing you out. Isn't that exactly how the sages describe the state of total enlightenment? Huh, what a coincidence.

An elegant shellfish curry tops the bill
Benjamin Carter Grimes for City Pages
An elegant shellfish curry tops the bill


2550 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis
612-886-2468; eatstreetbuddha.com
Small plates $6-$12; Sushi $4-$20;
Entrees $14-$33

Don't miss our gorgeous photos from Eat Street Buddha Kitchen...

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Ran Dazzle
Ran Dazzle

as a server/bartender myself I would completely agree that service in the cities truly is lacking..i go to a new to me place at least once a week and though some of the food has been good the service everytime has been off enough to stop me from going back(16 bucks for a burger at Parka and I have to beg for a glass of water?).I might as well keep trying new ones.


We wandered in for a Happy Hour just after they opened. The cocktails were great as were the pot stickers and sushi. HH is a great way to get to know this place. We swooned over the brunch menu but have yet to make it there for brunch (in my household brunch should go to 5!)