Blue Is the Warmest Color

Yes, there’s sex. There’s also passion—and its absence.

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Directed by Abdellatif Kechiche
Sundance Selects
Opens October 25, IFC Center

Blue Is the Warmest Color refuses to wave it away. Maybe that’s why it’s gotten under people’s skin, and maybe that’s why the actresses themselves, both still so young, may not fully understand the power—not just sexual but simply human—of what they’ve put onscreen. How will they feel about those performances, about this movie, 30 years from now, when their bodies, their faces, their own capacity for desire have changed? Meanwhile, some will see Blue Is the Warmest Color as pure horndog bait, yet another degradation of the female image made by a guy with his dirty-minded camera. Others—more, I hope—will see a story about the universality of desire and heartbreak. Love will tear us apart again. For better or worse, that truth is more enduring than politics.

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