Punk Rawk Labs' vegan cheese is the real deal

Say cheese: An inside look at the team behind the dairy-less phenomenon

Morgan Wellman recommends for anyone tasting the cheese for the first time to get familiar with it on its own or spread on a cracker. "From there you can really see what the possibilities are. It won't totally melt like a traditional cheese or even a cooked vegan cheese, but you can stir it into pasta, or we make a caprese salad with it," says Morgan Wellman. Palumbo's Pizza in St. Paul even dots it onto one of its pies after it comes out of the oven, a la chevre, allowing the residual heat to work its magic.

These recipes will all be integrated into Punk Rawk's retail space, eventually. "We want it to be sort of a small living cuisine deli," says Barthel. "But right now it's functioning as our office. We are still just trying to get our arms around the growth we're experiencing."

In the meantime they're sharing their tricks and tips in video form on their own online "Uncooking" show.

Punk Rawk Labs founders Julie Morgan Wellman and Alissa Barthel
Sean Smuda for City Pages
Punk Rawk Labs founders Julie Morgan Wellman and Alissa Barthel

"We really just want to build up a community and make raw and vegan foods accessible and appealing to everyone," Barthel says.

Barthel's mint nib macaroons and raw chocolate truffles sound like a pretty good place to start.

Check out all our photos from behind the scenes at Punk Rawk Labs...

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Congrats Punk Rawk Labs, very happy for you!!


@tombogdon thanks tombogdon!  hope to cross paths with you one day soon.  and might be in LA in a couple week demoing chz...really loved that song on the chromazoid mix tape...