Go gluten-free in the Twin Cities

How to live without wheat in the metro

Bluestem's GF desserts, especially the Milky Way tart, are definitely notable, but as the only fully GF bakery left in the Twin Cities, Bittersweet deserves to kick off the sweets section. Try as I might, I have never, ever had success with GF pie crust, but the folks at Bittersweet sell theirs already rolled out and pressed in a pan so all you have to do is fill it. Even less effort is required to pick up one of the fully GF banana cream, pecan, or lemon meringue pies; rosemary garlic breadsticks; or marble cupcakes. In downtown Minneapolis Angel Food Bakery above Hell's Kitchen makes GF blueberry oatmeal cookies and GF banana chocolate chip scones that have developed a cult following. Cookies and More, also in downtown Minneapolis, has gluten-free classic chocolate chip and snickerdoodle cookies, and you can buy gluten-free dough in bulk to take and bake at home.

And to give us all something to look forward to, the upcoming Burning Brothers Brewery, the Twin Cities' first brewery producing all gluten-free beers in a 100 percent gluten-free facility, has already had a few early tasting events. Opening is imminent, and gluten-free or not, we get pretty excited about new local brews.

Baked goods from Bittersweet gluten-free bakery
Benjamin Grimes for City Pages
Baked goods from Bittersweet gluten-free bakery

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